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International Jobs for Americans

International Jobs for Americans

If someone from within the Western Hemisphere is asked which country they would choose for work or school, the answer would probably be North America. Schools, workshops, and general employment in the North American region of the Western Hemisphere have always been an alluring avenue for persons wishing to further their education or those seeking better employment; this is largely due to the fact that the North American continent is a first world country and the education and employment systems offer all the latest technologies for making learning more fun and work more enjoyable.

Due to the techniques and tools employed in education in the North American region it is fairly easy for an American to find employment anywhere in the world that he/she chooses as he/she has easy access to the necessary qualifications that would be required in any country; so the only drawback is choosing the avenue that he/she wants to pursue and how he/she will go about it.

America has numerous volunteer activities and exchange programs that may not necessarily be the highest paying but which allow for cultural immersion and diversity while getting to know another country and its people. This is a great way for Americans to travel to and learn about another culture if they so desire; for example the Peace Corp, a popular and rewarding job that affords Americans international travel to help people around the world; no doubt it is a tough job but it is also a very rewarding one and will afford you with an opportunity to travel.

Another available option is a short term contract, you still get a chance to live in the country, learn the culture and meet the people but without making a commitment, you can stay for a few months or a few years, whichever suits you best and then move on to somewhere else or go back home if you choose; there are quite a few agencies and organizations such as the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) that offer a work abroad program for students and recent graduates and will help you get the necessary work permits and papers required for the various countries that they will send you to including France, Ireland, Germany and Costa Rica, if you would like to explore this option.

Where full-time employment is concerned you have two main options, you can check with the State Department for available careers or you can check for international job listings. The State Department will be often have information on job openings for specialists or civil servants in countries worldwide; for example jobs to teach English in Japan, these will not always be listed so it is best to check with the State Department if you are interested in those areas.

Then there is the internet; there are many sites with dozens of listings for jobs in every field, all around the globe. The state department may be cheaper however as some sites may charge a fee to view their listings.